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The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Operation Resilience

    Over the last several months, everyone, everywhere, has lost someone or something. Everyone is suffering on some level. People have lost their lives or livelihood. The virus continues to spread and impact millions. No one is without some level of risk to their physical, financial or emotional wellbeing.

    The global situation is a shared experience. There are lessons to be learned and opportunities to reclaim your relevance, resilience and remarkableness. Join us in this webinar to explore ho we do that, together!

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Mental Fitness for Energy and Focus

    Being mentally fit isn’t only about frequently exercising or eating healthy foods, it also means having the mental and emotional strength to recognize our body’s signals in times of worry and stress.

    If you want to learn techniques that help you stay in a mental peak state, get recommendations for useful tools & resources, and generally want to invest in your mental fitness so you can feel more energized, focused and productive, then sign up for this webinar. 

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Get the Best From #allthebrains - How to Thrive in the Modern Workplace

    Our brains haven’t changed since we left the caves. Yet we find ourselves in the modern workplace.  Neurologically we spend more of our day than we might imagine with our brain in ‘survive’ mode – much like driving with the handbrake on. But knowing how to create brain friendly conditions at work can unleash huge amounts of productive capacity and relieve stress in both our bodies and minds. 

    The sex of the brain plays an important part in what enables it to thrive. Most modern businesses don’t understand how to access the best of brain diversity. Kate Lanz – neuropsychologist, business coach and CEO of Mindbridge – in her ground-breaking research and work with corporate clients is shining the light on brain sex diversity and how to leverage the best of brain difference at work.

    In this session, Kate shares her research showing that nearly a third of people spend much of their time at work in survive rather than thrive mode, and draws on neuroscience to explain the impact this is having. She reveals how we can all take steps to improve performance, tap into a wealth of latent brain power and access the best of brain difference. Taking us through subtle but important changes that will dramatically improve productivity, and at the same time increase resilience and wellbeing.

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Boost Your Career After Covid19

    Reconnecting successfully after this unprecedented crisis in modern day requires a focused and conscious effort. Your experience and the impact Covid19 has had on you will be different from others. Reconnect with your team, with your leadership and with your colleagues in a way that accelerates your career growth. Join our webinar to hear about the 3-step approach that is required to do so.

    Centered, calm and purposeful leadership skills will help make a difference. Women - much more than men - are being hit hard. There is a higher likelihood of women’s careers suffering more than men’s as a result of Covid19. You may have experienced the struggle of unrealistic demands both at work and home throughout the crisis. You may have experienced becoming professionally less connected and are potentially seeing office politics at play that could damage your career.

    Take control over your own future and join us to take part in this experiential session that will guide you through the steps of Pause & Reflect, Reviewing & Renewing Purpose and New Ways of Working. This webinar will be hosted by Sonya Richardson, partner with Spark – Change for Growth.

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Mindfulness and Compassion

    This workshop aims to give you an overview on Mindfulness and some practical tools that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

    The session will cover an introduction about the origins of Mindfulness, current studies in neuroscience, and the benefits that a constant practice of these mindfulness and compassion techniques provide.

    Participants will also get to experience a meditation practice during the session and easy to apply tips and techniques that we can use on a daily base to improve the management of our stress and emotions.

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