Our Board & Staff

PWN Global functions with a skeletal staff and the enormous support of a dedicated global team of volunteers.  As you can read in the profiles (bios) below, our Board is a diverse as our membership—with entrepreneurs and corporate professionals from across a wide range of industries.

Being involved in the running of a not-for-profit organisation can be one of the most challenging and rewarding activities you'll ever undertake. The sense of camaraderie that builds between Board members forges lifelong relationships, which support professional and personal development on so many different levels. 

  • Pia Koch
    Honorary Board Member, PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Ada Stein
    President, PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Alina Grauenkjaer
    VP Membership and VP COMMUNICATION&MARKETING PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Toni Heisterberg
    Honorary Board member, PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Maarit Pokkinen
    Honorary Board member, PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Franziska Luxhøj
    VP Mentoring & Career Development PWN Copenhagen View bio
  • Elizabeth Rankich

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