• General Events 

    We create spaces for meaningful interactions and learning. Talented speakers bring to our members interesting topics on leadership balance and diversity. Every event, big or small, is designed to foster connections and amplify voices within our community. From talks, panels, workshops, or networking opportunities you will always find something for you. 



  • Mentorship Program

    CAREER EXPEDITION PROGRAM: Mentorship for women, by women.

    The Women's Mentorship Program in Copenhagen is a unique and empowering initiative tailored specifically for women, by women. What sets this program apart is the commitment and drive of the mentees. Recognizing the opportunities and obstacles unique to women's career paths in a Scandinavian country where the gender gap is less prominent, this 12-week program focuses on mentorship, professional growth, and networking. The mentees are the navigators of this journey, steering the program's direction and making the most of the resources provided. It's about individual ambition fueled by collective support.⁣

    Program Structure and Content⁣

    The program's structure combines weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions with peer mentoring, group coaching, and special events. It's not just about personal growth; it's about building a sisterhood committed to supporting each other.⁣

    ⁣One-on-One Mentorship

    ⁣Mentees are paired with accomplished women mentors who have navigated similar professional terrains. These one-on-one sessions provide personalised guidance and support tailored to individual needs and goals.⁣

    ⁣Peer Mentoring and Group Coaching

    ⁣Participants also engage in peer mentoring and group coaching sessions, allowing for collaborative learning and shared experiences. This approach fosters a supportive community that encourages risk-taking, creativity, resilience, and collaboration.⁣

    Events, Workshops and Networking

    ⁣Special events and networking opportunities are integral to the program. Participants can expect to connect with like-minded professionals and industry leaders, expanding their network and amplifying their impact.⁣

    ⁣Hybrid Model

    ⁣The program is conducted using a hybrid model, combining live online sessions with occasional in-person meetups and networking events in Copenhagen. This approach ensures flexibility while fostering a sense of community.⁣

    ⁣Mentors and Expertise

    The mentors, all seasoned professionals, bring diverse expertise in areas such as entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, human resources, and finance. They are committed to guiding mentees on their unique career journeys.⁣

    ⁣Benefits and Resources

    Participants in the Women's Mentorship Program can expect to gain valuable insights, develop leadership and networking skills, and connect with an empowering community. Support includes ongoing mentorship, access to resources, and post-program follow-up opportunities or volunteering and other offerings.⁣

    Meet the Mentors


    Hi, I'm Monika! My journey began as an entrepreneur in the fashion and design industry at the age of 20, eventually transitioning into the shipping sector. I thrive on opportunities and solutions, embracing risks for growth. I'm passionate about motivating others, boosting confidence, and embracing challenges to find innovative solutions.

    I have a deep love for learning about different cultures and traveling the world, speaking five languages to build strong business relationships. My approach is always to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and explore new possibilities.

    My personal goal is to continually grow and improve each day. Professionally, I aspire to lead and inspire teams, ultimately heading an organisation filled with talented individuals. I bring a learning mindset, a knack for thinking outside the box, and a strong drive to motivate and inspire to the mentorship program.

















    A Senior Transformation Expert with over 20 years of experience, Aya Ferguson specializes in guiding leaders and teams through complex changes, particularly in the university sector. She is passionate about delivering impactful training and workshops to drive real, tangible transformations.

    Aya’s career has spanned various roles, from management consultancy to independent consulting, showcasing her versatility and expertise in transformation. Her mentoring focus includes career advancement, work-life integration, transitioning careers, and building confidence.

    Recently relocated to Copenhagen after 30 years in the UK, Aya is eager to build her professional network in Denmark while maintaining her UK connections. She is launching a professional development program for UK university middle managers, aiming to make a significant impact in Higher Education.

    On a personal level, Aya looks forward to exploring Copenhagen’s culture, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and forming solid friendships. She brings empathy, a coaching style, and a friendly and pragmatic approach to her mentoring, ready to support and connect with mentees.
















    With over 25 years in senior commercial roles at major corporations like Mars Inc and Kellogg Europe, and now a board member and advisor, I am dedicated to nurturing female talent and supporting female-founded start-ups. My mission is to inspire and pave the way for more women in leadership, contributing to a society where balanced leadership is the norm.

    Originally from Romania, I've lived in various countries and have called Copenhagen home for 12 years. My journey has been driven by the pursuit of happiness and success at work, always seeking opportunities for growth and learning. I believe in creating a positive work environment where people excel, share knowledge openly, and help others grow.

    My diverse cultural experiences have shaped me into a mature business leader, adept at navigating complex challenges and guiding my teams toward success. Mentorship is close to my heart, and I aim to help mentees become confident captains of their own journeys, creating a safe space for reflection and growth.

    I'm excited to be part of this program, eager to share my journey and insights, and help you reach your ambitions and dreams. My top traits for mentoring are empathy, a growth mindset, and a commitment to making our journey transformational.




















    I'm Elin, a passionate Norwegian living in Denmark for the past three years, where I pursued my master's in Human Resource Management. My journey in the Danish labor market has been a series of changes and risks, ultimately leading me to my dream job as an Organizational Development Consultant. I work on Onboarding Concepts, Well-Being Strategy, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion initiatives, and Employee Development in a global setting.

    I am driven by a desire to inspire others to reach their full potential and enjoy engaging in meaningful discussions on a variety of topics. I believe in the power of challenging conversations and creating spaces for sharing dreams and addressing fears. My philosophy is to dream big and relentlessly pursue those dreams.

    On a personal level, my aspiration is to find happiness and contentment, which has taken various forms over the years. Professionally, I aim to become a leadership coach, focusing on inclusivity and diversity awareness, while also contributing to a healthier work-life balance and reducing burnout and mental health issues.

    I bring to the mentorship program my ability to offer new perspectives, an open-minded and non-judgmental attitude, and a deep passion for helping others find their path to happiness and balance.


















    I'm Kristina Wallengren, the Founder, Director, and Global CEO of THINK, an NGO focusing on Tuberculosis and HIV research and healthcare solutions. With over 25 years in global health, research, and leadership, and a rich background in Cell Biology and Public Health, I've navigated diverse roles and lived in various countries, including 16 years in South Africa, and now Copenhagen.

    Mentoring in career development, transition, work-life balance, and leadership is a passion of mine, drawing from my extensive journey and balancing a demanding career with being a mother of two. My values—'Kick the Paradigm,' 'Care for People and Outcomes,' and 'Making a Difference'—shape my mentoring approach, aiming to empower the next generation of leaders.

    Professionally, I aspire to ensure my NGO's continued impact and contribute in consultancy or expert roles, even as I step back from daily operations in the future. I also aim to expand my role as an inspirational speaker and fulfill personal passions like sailing and writing a book.

    In mentoring, I bring multidisciplinary expertise, a global perspective, and values-driven leadership, ready to guide and inspire mentees towards impactful and fulfilling careers.

















    Meet Franziska, a dedicated coach on a mission to help others find happiness abroad, drawing from her own rollercoaster of experiences living in different countries. She has crafted her unique 5-step H.A.P.P.Y. approach, combining personal insights, professional coaching training, and educational background to guide her clients from frustration to a life filled with connection, freedom, and happiness.

    Franziska is passionate about sharing her journey and the tools she's developed to help internationals increase their mental fitness and emotional resilience. Her goal is to empower others to create a fulfilling life abroad, ensuring they have the support and resources they need to thrive.

    With a focus on structured guidance and expert support, Franziska is here to transform the challenges of living abroad into opportunities for growth and happiness.

















    Meet Ioana, a Strategic Intervention and Embodiment Coach dedicated to helping professionals find their dream careers with unparalleled clarity and confidence. She specializes in assisting new team leads and managers in navigating post-layoff relationships, providing essential tools to enhance employee branding and boost confidence during transitions.

    Ioana employs a holistic coaching approach, integrating mind, body, and spirit in both one-on-one and group settings. She is deeply passionate about creating moments of connection, using music, movement, and intimate conversations to foster mental and spiritual engagement.

    A committed yoga and vipassana meditation practitioner, Ioana's practices are seamlessly woven into her coaching style. Her future aspirations include establishing her own retreat to guide individuals on an inward journey of exploration, all while continuing to embrace and live fully in the present moment.

    Ioana brings a unique blend of embodiment work, presence, and a spiritual approach to the mentorship program, ready to inspire and guide mentees on their path to personal and professional fulfillment.



















    Meet Suzana, a seasoned startup mentor with over 15 years of experience guiding businesses through challenging terrains. She brings a holistic approach, focusing not just on business models but also on nurturing the psychological capacities essential for success. Suzana believes in taking a step-by-step approach to reach goals and emphasizes the power of collaboration, especially with diverse thinkers, to forge a regenerative path forward.

    With a unique ability to recognize patterns and generate insights through systems thinking, collaborative design, and regenerative practices, Suzana is passionate, empathetic, and fiercely committed to co-creating and delivering expected outcomes. Her early success in transforming a small business into a thriving chain has fueled her journey in assisting numerous startups.

    Suzana is dedicated to helping individuals develop their essence at work, overcome limiting beliefs, and embrace regenerative design for sustainable success.




















    With a rich background spanning SaaS, Fintech, NGO, and Consultancy, Ligita Bode Baker has honed her skills in Denmark, complemented by a Master's in Work and Organizational Psychology from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is passionate about creating engaging work environments, optimizing experiences for candidates and employees alike, and fostering transparent communication within organizations.

    As an international navigating the Danish job market, Ligita champions fairness and equal opportunities. She is eager to mentor in areas such as career advancement, work-life integration, transitioning careers, and confidence building. Ligita is on a personal journey to understand financial investments better and aims to achieve a coaching certification.

    She believes her resourcefulness, focus on solutions, and drive to take action will greatly benefit her mentees, guiding them towards success and fulfillment in their professional paths.






















    Originally from Chile and having lived in nine different countries, Leticia found her home in Denmark and at Ørsted since 2017. Her journey at Ørsted has been diverse, evolving from a data scientist to roles in corporate strategy and commercial/strategy in power-to-X, Ørsted's innovative venture.

    Leticia is a fervent advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), co-founding Ørsted's inclusion networks and actively contributing as an employee-elected Board member. Her life is a balancing act, navigating career progression, board responsibilities, and motherhood, all of which have enriched her experience and knowledge.

    She is eager to mentor in areas like career advancement, work-life integration, and transitioning careers. Leticia envisions a future where climate responsibility, gender equity, and accessible education are the norm. She aspires to make a positive global impact while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling family life.

    With strengths in networking, time management, and understanding diversity, Leticia is ready to share her learnings and guide mentees through their own journeys.




    At 32, Iga Kotra has navigated a dynamic and diverse career journey, originating from Poland and spending her adult life in Denmark. Her path has been anything but linear, transitioning from Multimedia Design and freelancing, to mastering user research at a User Experience agency, delving into data management at IT University, and now leading a team of data visualization consultants at Novo Nordisk.

    Iga is recognized for her positive energy and strong advocacy for work/life balance. In her mentoring, she focuses on career advancement, work-life integration, transitioning careers, and building confidence.

    Looking ahead, Iga aspires to be a trusted and supportive leader, opening professional doors while maintaining a personal touch. She aims to balance her growing family life with her professional ambitions. Iga brings openness, a can-do attitude, and an encouraging spirit to her mentoring relationships.






















    Aneta Dabrowska brings her expertise as a psychologist, coach, and well-being expert to empower individuals towards a more fulfilling life. With six years of dedicated practice, she provides one-on-one coaching, webinars, and workshops, offering practical tools and insights for personal growth and mental health.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Aneta remotely manages a co-working space in Warsaw, showcasing her versatility and leadership skills. She is eager to mentor in areas such as career advancement, entrepreneurial guidance, work-life integration, transitioning careers, and confidence building.

    Aneta aspires to make a significant positive impact on individuals and organizations. She envisions bringing her well-being expertise to the corporate world, aiming to cultivate healthier, happier, and more motivated workforces. On a personal note, Aneta is an avid hiker and dreams of conquering the GR20 trail in Corsica.

    She believes her ability to provide helpful feedback, comprehensive knowledge, and empathetic reflective listening will be invaluable to her mentees, guiding them towards achieving their full potential.


















  • Entrepreneurs Circle

    The Entrepreneurs Circle offers round tables online with different topics it’s a monthly platform for sharing ideas, tools, experiences, and resources. Culminating in the annual Entrepreneurship Summit, it's a testament to collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. We organize monthly sessions where entrepreneurs connect. The year's efforts culminate in the PWN Entrepreneurship Summit, this is the reflection of PWN's commitment to entrepreneurial growth.


  • Industry Hubs 

    Industry Hubs spotlight the role of women in specific sectors. Empower women in specific industries through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy. Tailored events foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy, ensuring women's voices are heard and valued in every industry. Industry Hubs cater to the specific needs of various sectors and we aim to strengthen the role of women in their respective industries. 

  • Book Club

    We are happy to announce that PWN Copenhagen is starting a new collaboration with PWN Oslo! It is the Book Club with powerful owner Cayce Williams, MBA, PHR.

    Check our events calendar for all the upcoming meetings.



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