PWN Copenhagen: Aila Money - Why Women Don’t Money

06 February 2024 17:30 - 19:30 Copenhagen Relocations
There’s a gender pay gap. A gender investment gap. A gender wealth gap. 
Moreover, financial stress impacts 25% of Europeans’ physical and mental well-being. Women are two times more likely to associate negative emotions with their finances. 
Who hasn't felt overwhelmed, anxious or avoidant when it comes to their money? Why is that? What is stopping us? 
The reasons for these gaps are plentiful and range from an industry that’s failing people - especially women -,  to women not feeling empowered to take control of their finances themselves. 
Aila’s mission is to address this by getting you comfortable and confident managing their money, so you can achieve your life goals financially. 
What you will get in the session? 
Why Women Don’t Money is an interactive workshop that goes through 5 key money blockers; those things that are stopping us from taking the action we need to get started with our money
The five blockers include:
  1. Surely it’ll be fine in the end 
  2. Time optimism: I’ve got time 
  3. Negative voices in your head 
  4. The lone wolf approach 
  5. I lack time or money 
During the workshop we tackle each blocker together, working through small exercises, having interactive conversations, and sharing learnings and solutions for each blocker. Some key financial topics around investing and compound returns are explored and made real to participants. No prior financial knowledge is required. 
What is Aila
Aila Money is a digital personal finance solution for those of you looking to be more financially effective and efficient. 

Aila Money combines technology, psychology, human coaching, and financial advice to help you achieve your money goals. It’s like your personal money trainer. The solution, which is still in beta, is based on three core capabilities:

  • Aila Assistant is a digital financial assistant that provides you with a complete overview of your finances and gives you personalised prompts and information to help you better plan and manage your money.
  • Aila Coach gives you access to accredited financial coaches – humans – to guide your financial journey and hold you to account.
  • Aila Advisor connects you to a network of experts and vetted advisors to help with more complex money situations.
Check out Aila Money on its website or Instagram 


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