Mentoring Program


By becoming a member of PWN Copenhagen, you will be eligible to join our highly regarded Mentoring Program. Mentoring is recognized as a cost-effective and impactful way to prepare future business leaders. Women who achieve professional success often state that mentoring relationships during their professional journey—both formal and informal—are instrumental to that success. Research from McKinsey, Catalyst, and PWN confirms that mentoring is a key ingredient to professional progress up the leadership pipeline.


The Spring 2018 program will commence in March with the Mentor Kick-off event on Wednesday, 7 March at Rainmaking Loft,  Danneskiold-Samsøes Alle 41, 1434 København K. Register for this event HERE if you want to learn more about mentoring or plan to participate in the program.


Dates for the Spring 2018 program:

5-25 February 2018         Application period to register as mentee and/or mentor

4 March 2018                     Communication of the matched pairs

7 March 2018                     Kick-off workshop

March-June 2018            Mentors and mentees have 4-5 mentoring sessions


PWN Copenhagen offers a mentoring program to our members, bi-annually. Our goal is to provide female professionals with an opportunity to get support for their professional growth from an experienced professional. The support can be in the areas of professional or personal development. Individual targets are set by each mentor-mentee pair. 


Elements of the Mentoring Program:

• A joint training workshop (for both mentees and mentors) to launch the program

• 2-3 group mentoring sessions to deepen the learning and create a network among mentees and mentors

• The option to participate in a peer coaching circle (please indicate your interest in the mentee application)


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between an expert (mentor) and another person willing to learn from the expert's experience (mentee), therefore the mentor helps the mentee to achieve her development goals by sharing his/her personal knowledge and reflecting together.


Who can be a mentee in PWN Copenhagen Program?

The requirement to join the program is membership of PWN Copenhagen. Hence, if you want to apply to the program you have to register for PWN and pay the yearly membership fee of DKK 750. A PWN mentee can be anyone who is interested in professional or personal development.


Who are the Mentors?

We invite experienced professionals - both men and women - to serve in the role of a mentor and share their knowledge for the benefit of professional women. Past and current mentors from the PWN Copenhagen Mentoring Program have had a variety of professional backgrounds and provided mentoring on many topics - including leadership, work-life balance, entrepreneurship, presentation skills, self-development, wholehearted professional living, and personal fullfilment.  Mentors commit to 5 sessions of mentoring during the program. Mentors also receive training and support from the VP Mentoring during the program and a certified coach who runs the training workshop. Mentors are welcome to participate without PWN membership.


How does mentoring happen?

The mentoring can take place in person or over the phone/Skype, according to the mutual agreement between the mentor and mentee. Details of mentoring discussions are confidential.


Are you interested in becoming a Mentee or Mentor in Spring 2018?

Application as mentee:

Application as mentor:


For questions, contact Franziska Luxhøj, VP Mentoring & Career Development, +4552708198 or


Feedback from a repeat Mentor:
"I am always amazed at learning about another person, their drivers, perspectives and viewpoints. My mentoring drive comes from sharing a new perspective and potentially helping someone else to understand themselves better and to make sustainable steps toward change. This was again a fulfilling session, as I can visibly see the joy and change in my mentee."


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