PWN Copenhagen. Self-Leadership Summit - Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities

20 January 2024 10:00 - 15:00 HubLearn

Self-Leadership Summit - Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities

⁣Join us for a transformative experience at The Self-Leadership Summit, where we stand on the precipice of personal evolution and community empowerment. This conference is more than an event; it's a movement of individuals ready to seize the reins of their lives, forge meaningful connections, and make a significant impact within their communities.⁣

⁣Empowerment Through Authentic Leadership⁣

⁣Our aim is bold yet simple: to empower every individual, regardless of background, race, or gender, to lead authentically from within. This summit is your sanctuary to share and absorb experiences, tools, and knowledge that will elevate you—aligning your life with your deepest values and personal definitions of success.⁣

⁣Community: The Heart of Connection⁣

⁣We believe in the incredible power of community and belonging. This event is a gathering of like-minded souls who seek connection, inspiration, and mutual support as they journey through personal and professional growth.⁣

Your Invitation to Transformation!



Welcome and Settling: Create a space for growth and learning.⁣

Part 1: Self-Leadership Defined: Discover the essence of self-leadership through powerful guidance from Olga and Henriette.⁣

  • Practical Tools and Gifts: Walk away with actionable insights and the chance to win free coaching sessions, event tickets, and more.⁣
  • Expert Insights: Gain wisdom from guest speakers who are leaders in the field.⁣
  • Networking Break: Engage with fellow attendees and begin weaving your tapestry of community support.⁣

Part 2: The Power of Community: Experience a dynamic. PWN Copenhagen panel discussion that dives into the tangible benefits of community engagement, complemented by opportunities to win exclusive gifts!⁣

  • Inspirational Speaker: Be inspired by a keynote address from one of our esteemed partners.
  • Culminating Networking: Forge new connections that will continue to inspire and support you long after the event concludes.⁣

The Self-Leadership Conference is your beacon for growth, connection, and empowerment. Join us and ignite the transformation that leads not only to personal fulfilment but also to a world enriched by your unique contributions.⁣

⁣Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey to the heart of self-leadership and community.

10.30-11.00: Welcome - "Why don't New Year's resolutions work?"
11.00-11.40 Workshop “What does clarity have to do with your nervous system?” 
11.40-12.00 Break 
12.00-12.40 “Own your strengths & weaknesses.”
12.40-13.00 Panel: “The Power of Community”
13.00-13.30 Break
13.30-14.00 "Leading as an introvert”
14.00-15.00 Networking

Warm regards,

PWN Copenhagen

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Member price
DKK0 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK250 per attendee


  • Ms Olga Skalska
    Psychologist and Embodiment Coach, The Founder of Move& Grow Move& Grow VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Henriette Einevoll Husby
    The Founder & Show Host Businesstalk with Henriette VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Laurence Paquette
    Vice President, Head of Marketing Vestas VIEW PROFILE

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