Women in Entrepreneurship Summit

17 November 2023 15:00 - 20:00

The Summit honors Women in Entrepreneurship Day, celebrated in more than 100 countries on 19 Nov. This year’s event in Copenhagen brings into focus the concept of the Diverse First Timer in relation to entrepreneurship and authentic leadership for an audience of founders, potential founders, DEI&B specialists, entrepreneurship organizations and public stakeholders.⁣


How can we address the inclusion challenges that First Timers with diverse backgrounds face? The learnings gathered in the first years of becoming professionals in the workforce, shape our ability to overcome challenges later in our careers. This notion plays a significant role in innovative initiatives launched in any industry, as well as talent retention and talent development. And if we look at First Timers with diverse backgrounds, we can notice additional challenges related to inclusion, such as exposure to opportunities, the chance to mirror oneself in senior leadership, social & cultural lessons, building negotiation skills and belonging. At the same time, societal bias adds confusion to the feedback received while developing, which often affects a Diverse First Timer’s ability to recognise and celebrate personal success.⁣

Despite the tremendous potential of this career stage, particularly for diverse profiles, most organisations are working to address the effects of these challenges rather than their causes. Examples of that are a focus on adopting quotas and branding as diverse employers. While these measures are a start, they often fail to create a link between diverse headcounts and inclusive environments. We aim to unpack the potential of diverse First Timers for innovation, inclusion and workforce development, beyond labels, moral licensing and tokenization.⁣

The Summit brings together women leaders, network members, innovators and entrepreneurs that initiate startups, drive economic expansion and enhance communities. PWN Copenhagen inspires action through workshops, self-development content, growth-oriented networking and panel debates for a community of like-minded individuals that any leader can join and leverage to create real impact in their sectors.⁣


PWN is a non-profit organization that supports women advancing in their careers, be it as employees, leaders, entrepreneurs or change-makers in leadership positions. The network is present in +30 countries and has been active in Denmark for over a decade, supporting both locals and internationals. The network’s initiatives support women but are intended for the benefit, and inclusive of, all community members, regardless of their background, ethnicity, skin color, orientation or gender.⁣

Digital Hub Denmark connects tech talent, startups, companies, and investors with opportunities in Denmark. To do so, the non-profit organization brands home-grown digital solutions that attract talent and international customers, shaping future industries worldwide.⁣


15:00-15:30  Opening & welcome intro by Digital Hub Denmark and PWN Copenhagen

15:30-16:30  1st panel- Diverse First Timers: The Journey Between Diversity and Inclusion

16:30-17:00   Q&A⁣

 17:00-17:30   Break⁣

17:30-18:30    2nd panel - The Next Step for Authentic Leadership: Inclusion

18:30-19:00    Q&A⁣

19:00- 19:15   Closing remarks ⁣

19.15-20:00    Networking



The event is now fully booked, but you can still sign up for our waiting list and get notified when there is a free spot available. 




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  • Mrs Andreea Spaima
    VP Entrepreneurship PWN Copenhagen VIEW PROFILE
  • Mrs Jasmina Pless
    Policy Expert in Entrepreneurship, Financial Sector Regulation and Growth Capital VIEW PROFILE
  • Mr Human Shojaee
    Founder & President Sustainary VIEW PROFILE
  • Mrs Laura Katzensteiner
    Network Lead PropTech Denmark VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Monique R
    Founder SexTech Nordics VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Olga Skalska
    Psychologist, Embodiment Coach, and Founder Move&Grow VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Anna Coen
    Lead Project Manager DKTech4Ukraine VIEW PROFILE
  • Mrs Araceli Bjarklev, PHD
    Head of RUC Entrepreneurship Lab Roskilde University VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Barbara Rijks
    Sub-Regional Coordinator for the Nordic Countries/Chief of Mission IOM Denmark VIEW PROFILE
  • Mr Marjan Nikolovski
    Innovation Expert The New Way VIEW PROFILE

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