PWN Copenhagen - Holiday Event: Sounds and Senses with Hanne Siboni

16 December 2020 19:30 - 21:30 Webinar

An online travel in lifting energy and making yourself ready for new life and transformation in the present moment in body, time and awareness. 

Description of the event

Welcome to an untraditional interactive concert and workshop. Hanne Siboni will be guiding you through a universe of joy, sound, smells, colors and whole being. With voice and several instruments like gong, singing bowls, cymbals and wind chimes a soundscape will unfold and bring you into different states of both relaxing and stimulating uplifting moods. 

There will be time for listening and participating with your voice going inwards, outwards and after to share our experiences with words. Any questions before, in the event and after are heartily welcome. 

If you are based within a 20 km radius of Copenhagen you will receive a small gift box that will help you create more pleasure and cosiness in this experience. It will contain items that will deepen the experience. You have the option to purchase an additional wind chime of the very best quality that can bring you to a heavenly state of being for 400DKK directly from Hanne. 

If you are not in the Copenhagen region, we will provide you with guidance for small ways you can create additional sensory stimulation yourself. 

Audience takeaways

We are happy to host this Virtual Holiday Festivity - Where together with others you will listen, participate, share and enjoy and create joy together. 

Joy of life through singing, sounding and laughing is a huge tool to heal and lift yourself, and maybe especially in these times we need to find ways to nurture and lift ourselves.

Event details


Member price
DKK0 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK150 per attendee


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