PWN Copenhagen - Entrepreneurial Life

02 December 2020 17:30 - 19:30 Online Event

This two-hour event will begin with a presentation by Ane Storm Ry about her entrepreneurial journey creating a small consulting firm providing Six Sigma programming to companies, how she got started, early successes and challenges, and how her business today is directly connected to her experiences and the foundation in the early days. Further, we will look at how her entrepreneurial experiences have grown and developed over time. 

Together through conversation, we will further discuss what skills and personal traits are needed for an entrepreneur, looking for stories that really present some of the more difficult experiences of entrepreneurship. And finally we will discuss the entrepreneur in context of her family, friends and greater society. We will be looking at the relationships that not only fuel the entrepreneurial life, but which are greatly impacted by the entrepreneurial life.

This event is meant as an interactive conversation, so audience participation will be encouraged and we expect a cosy time for all.

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Online Event

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