PWN Copenhagen - Diversity Management and Inclusion!

11 November 2019 17:00 - 20:30 Djøf

Diversity and Balanced Leadership are central pillars for PWN Copenhagen and all PWN Networks. As such, we are  excited to announce this Diversity Management & Inclusion Workshop!

Ahmad Durani and his team will be introducing their perspective on Balanced Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion. Ahmad is the Founder of Mangfoldighedsledelse, providing tools and insights to both private and public organizations around diversity and inclusion. Helping them to see the potential of each individual and diverse teams, and striving to create an inclusive culture to minimize employee turnover, foster innovation, and creativity.

Purpose of the workshop:

Through this workshop participants will gain new tools, knowledge, and perspectives about how to effectively handle a diverse workplace including teams. Participants will also gain a deeper understanding and awareness of their own biases and how they affect them in their work life.


Part 1: What diversity and inclusion are

Part 2: What bias and unconscious bias are

Part 3: Practical examples of the previously discussed topics

Part 4: Discussion and exercises

Part 5: Tools to increase diversity and inclusion

Part 6: Discussion and exercises

Part 7: Conclusion / Q&A

Event details

Gothersgade 133
1133 Copenhagen K

Member price
DKK0 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK150 per attendee


  • Mr Ahmad Durani
    Founder, Sociologist and Senior Consultant VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Chiara Galfré
    Digital Marketing Specialist VIEW PROFILE

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