PWN Copenhagen: Between worlds: From a crisis of conscience to a path of liberation

16 September 2019 17:00 - 20:00 Djøf

Between worlds:  From a crisis of conscience to a path of liberation

Tina Israni is the granddaughter of Sindhi refugees, daughter of Indian Immigrants, and now an American expat living in Denmark, her story like many in today’s world is one of in-between identities, nationalities, trades of business, design, and wellness - her mission is one of convergence, to bridge the gap between worlds.

Her career started out on Wallstreet, as an Investment banker just before the Global Financial crisis. She evolved from this place to Tech entrepreneur within Men’s Fashion and later Innovation for early-stage startups as well as health tech-related products. “Washed up” on the shores of Denmark after a crisis conscience, in search of meaning, an wanting to finally deal with her mental health issues of depression, she moved up on Maslows of Hierarchy of Needs, moving from New York to Copenhagen.

Come join us on September 16th to learn about her journey, past, present, and future. “Her” story is one rather universal of today’s time. You will walk away with a new broader perspective on the power of courage and curiosity as well as insight into her personal methods for healing / maintaining mental health resiliency and spiritual vitality. 

“It’s time to take control of our narratives, as individuals and as an international society. This takes work, so let us do that work in sisterhood and brotherhood. The start of which can ignite from spark to flame through inspiration, courage, and curiosity.” - Tina Israni


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Gothersgade 133
1133 Copenhagen K

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  • Ms Tina Israni
    Founder of Bloom VR based Therapy for Depression | Modern Day Priestess, Digital Humanitarian & Wordsmith VIEW PROFILE

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