PWN Copenhagen: Heart Coherence for Peak Energy Performance

12 June 2019 17:00 - 21:00 Djøf

Men and women are welcome to join PWN-Copenhagen for one of Mariann Gódor workshops about

 'Heart Coherence for Peak Energy Performance' 

What’s the role of our physical heart in enabling and sustaining peak energy performance, fostering authentic connections, and accessing intuitive intelligence?

More than we would have ever imagined. 

Research published back in the early 1990s argue, that the heart has its own complex nervous system, a so-called heart-brain. Its circuitry is so elaborate that the heart is able to learn, remember and even feel and sense - independently from the cranial brain.

The heart and the brain are in constant communication with each other, exchanging critical information that influences how our bodies function. When this communication is done right, the heart is able to bring our emotions, physiology, and mind into coherence.  

Why does heart-coherence matter?

Coherence is an optimal state of functioning, enabling us to adapt to challenges, self-regulate and engage in harmonious social relationships. It allows us to stay calm, emotionally balanced, yet be alert and responsive at the moment. Coherence strengthens our executive functions such as attentional flexibility, planning, and prioritisation or sustaining effort, alertness, and speed. Skills, that would turn chaos into order in both of our corporate and personal lives. 

Why are we not in a coherent state by default?

In our modern world of information overload, high complexity, and multiple consecutive double espressos, our bodies can feel that we are in a state of never-ending stress.

Stress is not the problem. The fact that our bodies often cannot return to a relaxed state is. We often find ourselves living in a low-key survival mode rather than creation. Not just in the moment, but day after day. 

Whilst coherence and fine-tuned performance are attainable, our diminishing (or often depleted) energy reserves hinder us from connecting to the myriad of innate skills that would enhance our overall well-being.  

Working with our heart provides an unexpected, easy and practical solution


After the workshop, you will be able to:

• Recognise when you function is survival mode or creation mode  

• Understand the main function of the brain, and how it aspires (and sometimes fails) to support you

• Spot the patterns in your environment that hijack your brain and lead to diminished mental, and physical functioning

•Rrecognise sources of hidden stress, and what stress actually does to your body 

• Work with the inner battery metaphor and understand resilience

• Understand little-known facts of the heart, helping you to alter your own physiological state, and impact people around you

• Be mindful of depleting and renewing emotions 

• Grasp the basics of intelligent energy management for peak-performance 

• Understand how altering your heart rate variability can synchronise your nervous system

• See the benefits of building coherence in your own life, in your community and corporate environment

• Tap into your sense of interoception, and use a simple technique that will upgrade you for the next 4 hours


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