Entrepreneurship Program

PWN Copenhagen’s Entrepreneurship Program, the Women Entrepreneurs Group (WEG), is a spring workshop series consisting of seven sessions which focus on entrepreneurial skills development, expert presenters, and building a like-minded community of peers. WEG furthers the PWN Copenhagen mission—providing women with the tools, networks, and support resources they need to assume leadership positions. In WEG, we work to strengthen women's empowerment by improving business skills and increasing knowledge about the daily work life of entrepreneurs.  The dates for 2019 run from March 7, 2019 through May 23, 2019. This year the organizers are Ada L. Stein, Helle Abild and Mayra Navarrete. 

Who should attend WEG? 

WEG is for women entrepreneurs, women considering starting their own business, or women who are looking for inspiration and a like-minded community. 


PWN Members: Free,

Non-Members: 750DKK (PWN CPH Membership Included)  


The WEG Program is built around 7 workshops (3 hours each) which run from 6-9pm - with five workshops with expert presenters specifically focused on content themes, an introductory meeting introducing the workshop series and the entrepreneur’s mindset, and a concluding meeting with participant presentations. Each workshop aims to introduce and reinforce essential “know-how and tools” and provides a space for working on specific challenges—both independently and in dialogue with other participants. We are very delighted to have a diverse group of presenters. Some sessions will be organized as interactive workshops.  

Program Dates: 

  • Session 1, March 7 - Three Mini-Workshops: Introduction to WEG, The Starting Map Exercise, & Concepts of Entrepreneurial Mindset - Presenters: Ada L. Stein, Helle Abild, Mayra Navarrete 
  • Session 2, March 21 - Introduction to Business Model Canvas and the Business Model Canvas Game - Presenter: Liva Echwald-Tijsen, traedfrem.dk and special guest Morten Lund, poshtel.io
  • Session 3, March 28 - Branding/Logo/Graphic Identity, Presenter: Helle Abild, https://bugistudio.com 
  • Session 4, April 4 - Strengthening Your Sales Process, Presenter: Alexandra Svarre, https://livingsales.net 
  • Session 5, May 2 -Social Media Marketing using Video, Presenter: Katrine and Louise Lerche, https://www.kapowvideo.dk
  • Session 6, May 9 - Managing Your Business, Presenter: Brian Tange, https://www.hamsto.com  
  •  Session 7, May 23 - Conclusion: Personal Presentations

Participants will receive a course booklet, an overview of resources in Copenhagen, and for participants that attend more than 3 sessions  will receive a certificate of participation. 


Each session will be held from 18:00 to 21:00.


The WEG sessions will take place in downtown Copenhagen at REGUS -  Rådhuspladsen 16, 1550 København V.

Please contact ada.stein@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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