Asmae Dahrabou
Community Manager

Asmae is a highly proactive, creative, and passionate person who's been studying and⁣ working in different countries for the last 12 years. Originally from Morocco, she did her⁣ studies in Advanced Maths and Physics and moved to France for her engineering⁣ studies in the Oil and Gas industry. Her passion for science and research led her to⁣ pursue a Ph.D. in Geothermics and Geomechanics in Switzerland where she worked for⁣ both academia and the industry. She also explored different areas like teaching and⁣ mentoring, PR & Communication, Sales, Community Building, Marketing, and Project⁣ Management. This made her journey even richer by having an overview of the different⁣ worlds of Research and Development, Academia, Industry, NGOs, and startups. After⁣ moving to Denmark, she decided to explore more opportunities and help with⁣ community building, idea generation, project management, strategic planning,⁣ coordination, teaching and mentoring, and organizing and facilitating different activities⁣ with internal and external partners.