Skaidre Radomskiene

I am a proactive and very creative person and it allows me to live my life with passion. It applies to my career as well. Many of my former colleagues would describe me as a very passionate person, who focused on the goal. I am always striving for the best outcome. I feel comfortable seeing the bigger picture and going for one more step if it is needed. At the same time, I love to support people and collaborate with my team members. 

Family is taking a major part of my life. I am married with three kids and one furry beauty. 

 I have solid 20+ years of experience in different roles in my Corporate career. Sales, Marketing, Business Administration, Project management, and IT Consulting. International experience. I was working in several countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It is easy for me to connect with people from different countries, with different backgrounds.

I am fluent in English, Russian, and Lithuanian, and I am learning Danish now. I am glad to share my knowledge, talents, and experience with PWN Copenhagen.  At the same time, it would allow me to grow as a person, to meet many new people with the same interests as mine.

 My hobbies - traveling, reading books, attending operas, hygge time with my family.