Henriette Schøn

Henriette comes to the board having 20 years of professional experience working in several entrepreneurial programs in Denmark, Sweden, and 14 years in the USA working as a Program Manager at the 2nd largest public university in the USA; the University of Central Florida (UCF), in the UCF Business Incubation Program and the UCF I-Corps program. She is data-founded and has a Ph.D. from the UCF, where an Innovation Ecosystems was simulated with 1000s of data points from validated data sources from the World Bank and more. 

She joined PWNs Women Entrepreneur Group in 2020 as a mentor and enjoys experiencing entrepreneurs grow - and make leaps to the next level and has now coached/mentored 570 entrepreneurs. She later joined the PWN Copenhagen board in 2021 because she is passionate about volunteering for a mission of doing good, and having a positive impact on people, in their personal lives, and on society.