Henriette Schøn

Henriette comes to the board having 20 years of experience with entrepreneurs working in several entrepreneurial programs in Denmark, Sweden, and the USA. She joined PWNs Women Entrepreneur Group in 2020 as a mentor, and is driven by seeing entrepreneurs grow - and making leaps to the next level. She has now coached/mentored 570+ entrepreneurs. She is very data-founded, and has a Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida, USA, simulating an Innovation Ecosystems with 1000s of data points. Investigating data/numbers, preparing annual/monthly reports, strategic plans, designing manuals, program content, was the focus in previous jobs. Currently, she is working as a researcher with what she loves, helping entrepreneurs, and finding data for an organization.

Henriette joined the board to develop the partnerships programs. If you are interested in partnering with PWN Copenhagen, please reach out to: partnerships.pwncph@gmail.com.  Let’s have a chat about possible avenues for collaboration.