Diana Medrea-Mogensen

After moving to Denmark, Diana found herself opening her first business out of need for a job. The journey ever since has been as daunting as it has been fantastic. She takes pride in my ability to adapt to new situations and to be flexible without loosing sight of what is important. Since then, she got a business degree, participated in business competitions, and opened three businesses (one sold, one closed, one still active).

Diana is passionate about helping people create their own job through entrepreneurship encouraging work/life balance, as well as supporting social causes that promote social inclusion and access to education. Through her entrepreneurial journey since 2013 she mentored, advised, and coached those who reached out to her. In 2020 Diana made her mentoring and coaching interests into the focus of her career by creating Move Forward (a coaching program that applies business and project management principles to help people reach their personal and professional goals), as well as by joining the PWN Mentoring Program team. As a result of her passion of supporting others, Diana participates in non-formal educational and social programs through NordPlus and Erasmus+ grants together with international partners, where she develops training materials and facilitates seminars.