Ute Stemmann

Ute's motivation behind joining the board is best described with her commitment to ‘empowerment’—not least, female empowerment.     

She holds a PhD degree in Economics, and in her former career she worked as a research assistant with focus on aging and the consequences for the labour market. Since moving to Denmark, Ute has traded academia for commerce and has worked in different roles within the transport sector, currently as a project director for a large UK-based engineering consultancy. She thrives in the tension-filled areas between politics, economics, and technology, and her main interest lies within innovation towards a more sustainable mobility. She has worked for EU-financed projects, such as a green transport corridor from Scandinavia to Italy, and facilitated the draft of sector strategies for Croatia in the EU pre-accession period.

Moreover, Ute is trained in systemic process consultation and is a certified Leadership Coach. She adopts the principles of Leadership Coaching both in her client approach and team management, to the benefit of better and more holistic problem-solving and implementation.