Maarit Pokkinen
Honorary Board member, PWN Copenhagen

Maarit has diverse and global experience in finance, IT, legal affairs, internal business services, and investor relations,  and currently works as a global finance director at Ramboll. Previously, she held Finance and IT Director positions in France, the USA, and Asia, after working for 10 years as a Public Accountant in Europe.

Maarit holds a Master of Science Degree in Accounting from Turku Business School in Finland. She is also a Chartered Public Accountant. Maarit is Certified Professional Co-active Coach and has obtained a diploma on adult education and training. In her free time she is passionate about life and business coaching, travel, scuba diving, swimming, and reading.

She joined PWN Copenhagen in 2012, and in 2014 she joined the Board and started the Mentoring Program. In late 2015, Pia Koch and Maarit became co-Presidents of PWN Copenhagen (with Maarit handling membership as well as mentorship).

Maarit relocated from Copenhagen to her native Finland in Fall 2016 (resigning from the Board at that time), and spends time in Paris where she and her husband have a second home. Because of her work, she also continues to spend time in Copenhagen.