Pia Koch
President, PWN Copenhagen

Pia is the owner of Relevant, which specializes in targeted knowledge brokerage that supports and enhances corporate and organizational learning. Relevant is based on qualitative research and value creation by combining social sciences, business, and technological perspectives. Previously, Pia worked with hospital planning for a Danish engineering company and as an independent expert evaluating proposals for EU funding. Pia holds a Master of Cultural Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen.

Pia has been a PWN Copenhagen member since 2011 and served as treasurer since 2013.

Pia keeps herself updated on strategic CSR issues. As a former scuba diver she is interested in keeping our oceans healthy and preventing further pollution from plastic and other toxic agents. She believes that balanced leadership is necessary to address both day-to-day and societal challenges. Pia has two adult children and frequently visits her German family.