Fernanda Gomes

I have been working in the Finance area for more than 25 years, leading financial positions in different sectors, contexts and environments, as well as, with different teams, not only in terms of size but also in terms of culture and seniority. I started my career with Deloitte Tax, which gave me a good grounding and complete understanding of how finance and tax, combined, can impact an organisation and its strategy.  Additionally, I am a true believer in continuous learning and personal development and that’s why I decided to take AESE/IESE MBA. More recently, and to contribute to my professional growth, I wanted to participate in an activity that can help create a better and more diverse world, especially regarding gender leadership. I am confident that we all want to make a difference, to be remembered, and to feel that we have contributed something to the world. 

I want to leave a positive impact, both in my professional and personal life. This is why I have joined the PWN Global Board. 

I am married, with two teenagers and am an enthusiastic reader.

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